Friday, July 15, 2011

Mustache Silhouette Pillowcase Set

My mom, the director of an extensive program at her college, ordered 250 pillowcases from me with the program's logo/quote on them.  She has me in the "pillowcase frame of mind" now, and, since heat-transfer is my NEW FAVORITE thing, I love getting new inspiration for projects!

So, inspiration found... 

Introducing my newest creation: 
the mustache silhouette pillowcase!

This set of two pillowcases has a half of the mustache 
measuring 12" out on each 250 thread count
 pillowcase to make a whole mustache pillowcase. 

Mustaches are the hottest new decor/ fashion item... Just yesterday I saw a collection of lip hair on a cloth wallet at Target! 

Now this pillowcase set is the easiest way to add that fashion flare to any room.  

Ha Ha...  I think it's so cool!

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