Monday, July 18, 2011

New Boy Onesie Designs

I recently found out I'm having a baby girl (yay!), and most people's first reaction to the news is,

"Oh good.  Girl clothes are way cuter than boy clothes."

I know my sister has had a hard time finding something fun and cute for her 3-yr-old son, but, really, is it that much harder?

Well, I take that as a challenge.  My [other] sister is pregnant with a boy and one of my good friends' son just turned 1, so I had a great time coming up with cool boy onesies. 

So here is my new collection of awesome boy onesies:

b.o.w.t.i.e. o.n.e.s.i.e.

 I couldn't find a good image of an untied bowtie for a casual bowtie design, 
so I had to make one myself!

I vectored a bowtie image...

Cut the image out of black heat transfer vinyl...

Cut the decal in half and arranged it how I wanted around the neck of the onesie...

And oila! 
I love this design! 
(How would it look in hot pink for my new baby girl...?)

p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.i.z.e.d. b.a.r.c.o.d.e. o.n.e.s.i.e.

I love the barcode onesie.  I used a font that is a set of barcode lines with each letter, 
so there is a custom barcode image for any word I type.  
I think this is the perfect modern personalized onesie! 

m.u.s.t.a.c.h.e. o.n.e.s.i.e.

After seeing mustaches E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. I decided to add some to my store. 
I designed this mustache pillowcase set , then decided it would make an awesome onesie! 

a.v.i.a.t.o.r. o.n.e.s.i.e.

The Aviator Onesie.  
'Nuff said. 
I actually made this in pink for a friend's niece, and it turned out great, too!

I love designing baby clothes! 
I am seriously debating starting my own onesie store or something... 

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