Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make Your Own FHE Chart!

My hubby and I hometeach a family of recent converts who asked for some help in conducting Family Home Evening in their home.  Wow... of course!

He prepared a lesson and I was in charge of an activity.  I decided to make them an FHE chart that they could decorate themselves and use throughout the week to remind them of the steps of having Family Home Evening.

I only decided to make this about two hours before we were supposed to go see them, so, believe me, this is a quick one!

* Round wooden circle ($.99 from Hobby Lobby)
* Wooden stars or other shape ($1.99 for 5 at Hobby Lobby)
* Craft paint
* Paint Brush
* Magnets
* Hot Glue
* Ribbon
* Vinyl words

Follow the pictures!

I chose to paint the pieces white so they could be drawn on. 
Other colors would look great, too!

I decided to use the font "Girls Are Weird" for the chart.  
It is so fun!

Since there are only three members of their family, I split the FHE chores into
three categories.  You can make a larger back board and have more chores
if there are more people in your family!

When you hot glue the magnets to the board and the stars, make sure you 
glue the right sides down! 

Turn the back board over and use the hot glue to attach a string 
for hanging. 
You can also add some drops of hot glue to the other sides of the board 
so it won't scratch the walls!

They had so much fun decorating their own stars! 

Once the stars were finished, we added their names in 
vinyl to the front.
Make sure the marker dries first, or the vinyl won't stick!

The finished product!

It felt so wonderful to make something that could help someone else come closer to the Lord and their family members.  I really hope they enjoy it, and get in the habit of using it every week!
This was so quick, fun to make, and easy to personalize.  
I will definitely make one for my own family once it gets a little bigger!

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