Saturday, March 5, 2011

La Cage Aux Folles. AKA "The Birdcage."

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Yes, I love La Cage Aux Folles, and I also love antique furniture, and I ALSO love birds. So why did it take so long for me to create a silhouette birdcage and bird?!?!?!

For one thing, I have re-decorated our living room a total of FOUR (4) times! Can you believe it? I'm not nuts (about this, anyway), it's just sort of an akward room that hasn't adopted any of the personalities I've given it. I realized after a while that the things I've been acquiring for that room are more nature-comes-indoors.

We have a tree trunk table,

 a table made from an old window-pane, 

blue walls, brown furniture, wood floors, 
and a nature motif on our mantle. 

 So I got pretty excited when the idea finally hit me to design an old-fashioned birdcage.
 I had the perfect spot :) 

The new shelf and birdcage break up this awkward long wall so well!

Plus, it was so much easier to design than I expected : ) 
That's what professionals call a "Win-Win" 

The finished product!

Just one thing... Ben hasn't seen it yet. This is the third time he's come home to a makeover! Why do I feel the need to surprise re-decorate?! 


  1. I love the windowpane table and the vinyl birdcage!!

  2. susannah i LOVE that space! i LOVE that minerva Christ painting most of all...just got my own yesterday and have to frame it! hooray!!!

  3. ps i might need to copy that window table idea...i've loved those and even hanging them on the porch, but i LOVE that idea too!