Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom Iron-On Transfers!

Happy Birthday to my 1-yr-old niece, Eliza! 

I love using my vinyl cutter to design iron-on transfers, and asked my sister if there were something in particular she'd want ... just in case she got a ... t-shirt... for her birthday :) 

Well, she want's Eliza animal to be the elephant, but hasn't been able to find cute elephant clothes. 

Aunt/ Vinyl Designer to the rescue! 

I went to three consignment stores within a few miles of my house, but couldn't find any plain color 12 mo. t's until the last one! How frustrating! I had to tell the owner what I was looking for, and she showed me where to find what I wanted.  I explained the project and my business, and she was really excited about it.  I think there might be a huge market for custom iron-on decals! 

I know I love to wear something I've designed personally-- it allows me to show my personality so much more. 

So this is what I came up with for her birthday, and I think she likes it! (Well, her mom likes it, and that's really what matters, right?)

Love you, Eliza-Bug!

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