Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Custom Vinyl Order

A few weeks ago I designed and distributed some marketing materials.  It was a long effort, but I absolutely loved the final result and even got an order the same day! Woo Hoo! From me to you: Marketing Works. 

I was asked to do a custom order for Tom, a design he had in mind to re-produce on his bike:

He wanted the GRAVE DIGGER logo and some flames.  So I made his order by cutting the red outline, then the white letters, and added the letters on top of the background.  

He liked the final product so much that he sent me a check and a note asking for duplicate decals for the other side of the bike!

This is what I love about vinyl.  It is a fun materials that allows me to work with the creativity of others.
Woot woot!

If you have any random thoughts that would look great in vinyl, let me know! I love to work with people! 

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