Monday, March 28, 2011

New Onesies

I am so excited to have new babies being born all around me.  This past week I was able to make some new designs for three new mommies!

It was the perfect time to test-drive my new pink heat-transfer vinyl.

 This vinyl is called EasyWeed, and you can tell from the pictures that it is true to its name! The extra vinyl pulled away from the cut design in one smooth ribbon, leaving a perfect decal despite all the detail.

It irons on in about 20 seconds, and pulls away clean and easy.  

Can you be in love with a heat-transfer vinyl? Because I think I am.... 

And my newest boy onesie! My friend, Brittney, had her baby boy 3 months early.  The little guy was born at just over 1 lb, and will be in the NICU for about 3 months.  She says he is a fighter and is developing despite his size, so I wanted to give her some rock star onesies.  What is stronger than that?!

I think making onesies is one of my favorite things about my vinyl business.  Learning how to embroider adds another dimension to it that I just love! Ideally I think I'd open a custom onesie store :)

This is just too much fun! I don't even have my own kids, but I promise they will be the most uniquely dressed babies ever!

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  1. So cute!! You did an awesome job with the vinyl and the embroidery. Love the mixed media.