Monday, January 10, 2011

Wall Re-do & Christ like Attributes

I'm just going to admit it (not that I need to!)... I'm not perfect. 

As a missionary for the LDS church, I spent hours learning the gospel of Jesus Christ in a book called Preach My Gospel.  One of my favorite chapters in that book is titled "Christ like Attributes", and lists, describes, and helps you implement what they are. Lately I find myself remembering and repeating those Christ like attributes throughout the day when I get flare-ups of not-so-Christ-like attributes.  

The other day I had one such flare up that was bad enough I decided those attributes needed to go on my wall where I can see them over and over again! 

So I just finished a wall re-do including the much needed Christ like attributes: 

Our living room now has a beautiful painting of Christ over the fireplace, and another painting of Buddhist monks on another wall, so I wanted to add some accent color from those paintings to the room, and continue the spiritual theme. 

First up, our last name initial: The letter "O"! 

I got the idea from another crafter to paint a canvas, stencil your letter, and hot glue yarn onto it for texture.

I wanted it to be a curly type of font, since "O" can seem a little boring, but my hubby said he preferred a simple "O" for the cleanliness. I agreed-- it seemed beautiful next to the abstract, textured painting, and reminded me of a simple ring and the eternity of a family.  

Next step, adding chosen fabric behind some matching frames: 

And for today's tutorial:

Christ like Attributes on a Frame


  • Vinyl 
  • Picture Frame (10" x 14" for $2.5 at Hobby Lobby)

1. Prepare vinyl 

(I hope you think this looks great... it took forever and left me with three finger cuts!)

2. Add vinyl to picture frame. 

And it's just that simple!

Now I have a beautiful, meaningful, spiritual, personal collection of wall art!

It is so gratifying to create something so meaningful.

What inspires you?


  1. That DOES look great! :) I like how you chose red. It reminds me of the blood Jesus shed to pay the punishment for our sins. What a great idea!

  2. It really does look great!! And I love that you can see His attributes every day as a reminder!! :)

  3. I love it Susannah! The "O" is so cool too! Thanks for sharing!