Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vinyl Snowflakes for Christmas

One of the downsides to living in the south is that my Michigan born-and-bred husband doesn't get to see snow regularly.  I decided to surprise him one day by bringing some snow into our house! 

How do you get snowflakes in a house, you ask? 

With vinyl! 

I made two different snowflake templates and cut them out of white and silver vinyl in different sizes.  I really like the effect, and cut out out enough to plaster them over our fireplace wall and another wall in our dining room! 

It added the perfect fun touch to our holiday decorating! 

Want to buy your own snowlfakes? e-mail me or visit my esty store for information!

Snowflakes in North Carolina make me happy :) 


  1. That looks amazing! And I love the flying reindeer. SO cute.

  2. those are fabulous! I need some of those here in southern CA! :)

  3. Cute. Love etsy! Looks like you've got several neat things on there.

  4. Lovely site. I am stopping by to invite you to come check out week 5 of Thrifty Thursdays. Happy New Year!


  5. Those are wonderful! Really festive!

    Stopping by from Marketing Monday!

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