Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Message Tiles

I decided to make tiles with Christmas messages for presents and decorations this year, and now my house is filled with them....  They were just so easy, so cute, and so true! 

And I love that these cute, easy, true message tiles fit perfectly into those odd spaces... 


  • 1 tile (6x6 $.60 at Lowes)
  • 12-gauge wire (from my jewelry-making collection)
  • Ribbon ($1 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Epoxy glue (JB Weld $5 at Lowes) (This is an awesome material to keep around.  It is the only adhesive that will affix to glass, tile, wire, cloth, plastic, etc. We use it ALL THE TIME!)
  • Paper plate
  • Wire cutters
  • Toothpick
  • Vinyl message

1. Apply cut vinyl message to tile front 

2.  Cut wire with wirecutters to desired length

3. Wrap the wire around your finger or a pencil to create a loop design

4. Prepare epoxy according to package directions on the paper plate

5. Using the toothpick (or other disposable thing.... nails, etc.), apply the epoxy to the tile in the desired handle location, and on top of the wire.  (Allow a few hours for epoxy to dry)

6. Attach a ribbon for extra decoration! 

 7. Place and enjoy!

And for around $1, these can't be beat as personal decorations or gifts! 


  1. hey lady these are cute! i wanted to talk to you and ask about another project i've been thinking about...basically i'd like vinyls of a quote from conference, but it's a lot longer and i don't know how small a font you can do? also, where did you get the glass block with that nativity? the actual block i mean, but also, i'd love to have one of those nativities, how much? :)

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    You show very nice ideas in your blog!

  3. Thanks for visiting With Joy today. This is such a cute idea! Carey

  4. okay. i need to get a cricut or sil soon! these are too cute.

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice Thursdays...Hope to see you back {link party will open tonight!}

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