Friday, October 29, 2010

Vinyl Halloween Boo Block!

Sarah, my sister-in-law, asked me to design a nativity in vinyl to include in a nativity display she is organizing for her congregation. She suggested I put it on a glass block, and I L-O-V-E-D the idea! I've actually never worked on glass blocks before, even though they are a staple craft item. Now I feel obsessed with them... I've already bought two boxes from Lowe's!

I've branched out from just nativity scenes, though.  Here is a good holiday idea:

The Halloween Boo Block!

To make: 
  • Glass block
  • Vinyl cut to your desired size and shape
  • Black tulle
  1. Cut vinyl.  I chose this shape because it reminded me of a pumpkin, and looked great in a square shape to fit the block! 
   2.  Add transfer tape to vinyl
   3.   Apply image to glass block

   4.  Add a strip of black tulle around the edges for a ghastly, spider-web effect!

Enjoy your Halloween Boo Block! 

If you're interested in making this craft, you can buy the vinyl from my store here.

Remember: The world is yours to personalize.  Empower your inner decorator!
<3, Susannah

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