Friday, March 30, 2012

Relief Society Birthday Party!

The March activity to celebrate the organization of Relief Society is always one of my favorites. I have lived in three different wards for the last three March activities, and it has been so fun to see how each ward celebrates!

This year my ward had a dual focus: a member of the bishopric was invited to give a talk on the importance of women and RS (which turned out to be so sweet), a YW leader talked to the group and welcomed the YW to the organization (I love when the YW are invited!), and we also celebrated the birthday aspect of the day...

... with a dessert competition! 

I love competitions, and I consider myself a pretty good cook, so I prepared for a long time for this activity! I planned to make this Gooey Butter Cake recipe my Mother-In-Law sent me, but, day of, it just didn't turn out right :( My husband loved it, but it wasn't pretty enough to take. You know?

I looked around the kitchen and noticed a few stray oranges and remembered some cake bites I'd made with a mini muffin pan and froze and whipped up mini cupcakes with orange butter cream frosting! 

I love the glass plate with our last name I made last year. It is stylish enough to hang on the wall, and perfect for bringing food somewhere because you always know which plate is yours! 

I didn't mind that the cupcakes weren't up to competition standards because I really wasn't interested in winning. 

Why, you may ask?

Because I was asked to provide the prizes! The 2nd counselor asked if I would make a tile with the RS seal as a prize and I politely declined. 
"That's a little boring... Can I make something else? Maybe something cooking related?"

So I came up with a glass plate etched with the seal (just a slight variation, right?) and a really fun apron with subway art for the winner. 

The winners were so cute and really excited with their prizes! 

The winner started screaming and said she actually has an apron collection and had really wanted this apron! So cute!!

Congrats, Anne and Haley!

I just love sharing my talents for our ward! And I'm glad I was able to choose the prizes. I think the creativity really paid off for this theme event!

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  1. The plate looks great, and I love the idea of the apron as a prize! And your cupcakes look awesome too :-)