Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm a Mormon Decal/ Sticker

I'm a Mormon.

And I'm really proud of that!

I have been really interested in missionary work throughout my life, and have seen many miracles happen to myself and others through missionary work. Now, as an adult, I find missionary work harder and harder to do. I've served a mission and understand that gospel and can discuss it in a whole new way, but that doesn't do me much good when I'm hardly ever around people who aren't already LDS!

So, with the encouragement of our local missionaries and my own conscience, I decided it was time to think outside of the box to tell others of the faith I believe in so firmly.

Why not use my own business and materials at home to make a car decal that will tell people I'm Mormon every time I go for a drive?!

I found the motivation to make these decals when I was asked to be one of three RM speakers at a tri-ward youth activity on missionary work. People of all ages like to get free stuff, right? so I made a ton of both "I'm a Mormon" and "" decals for the youth to take with them after my talk.  I think they really liked them, and I was really glad for the "excuse" to finally put one on my own car!

I love the new clean, modern, inviting look of the recent Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints PR campaign: 

These are buttons for blogs or other websites found on
I love the fun colors and inviting design! 

Using those as inspiration, I made my own design: 

I love the bold font, modern design of the ".org", and using lower-case letters to be more modern and friendly. 
What do you think? 

I've started selling these in my Etsy store (on the right) for the cost of postage and Etsy selling fees, as my way to help others promote our faith and tell my customers that they are buying from an LDS woman! I'm hoping it will at least spark someone to message me asking what that decal is all about :)

If you are interested in getting a lot of these for your own missionary class or promotional materials (I plan to make another bath to give away at my next RS lesson) just message me on Etsy and I will only charge for more shipping!