Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Homemade Scrabble Tiles for the Wall

I recently saw this picture...

And immediately put it into my Pinterest board: "Things I Know I Can Make Myself."
And, Guess what? I DID!
And, best part: IT WAS REALLY EASY! 

I'm re-decorating our guest room/ office right now, and this fun Scrabble-style word will be front and center on the wall.  I'll post a picture later of the final view, but I just couldn't wait until the room was ready to try this awesome craft! 

I knew I wanted thin, flat, pieces of natural wood 
(the best part of this project is that scrabble tiles are natural wood, so there is no extra 
painting involved for the authentic look!). 
The pieces I found were perfect-- 6 x 4 inches, thin and flat, and only $1/each from Hobby Lobby!

I also needed to make a template of the scrabble letters: 
I found a useful image of the Scrabble alphabet, then used it to match fonts and numbers!

Now let the crafting begin... 

Four more letters later.... 

Now wasn't that easy? Hmmmmm? 

I am so happy with my new, classic-looking, $5 craft!

Go pick your favorite word and make your own scrabble tiles!


  1. Very, very cool. I've seen these around but I like that you went with thinner pieces of wood. Thank you so much for linking to Totally Tutorial Tuesday.


  2. Thanks for participating in my link party you're so unbelievably fresh this week!

  3. those are AWESOME! Just love it! I think I should find a spot in one my kids' bedrooms to try this out!!!

    Kammy's Korner

  4. Have you thought about adding a vertical word? What about using the A for the word "harder" :-)

    I love the way it turned out!!

  5. I need to have these in my life. These are a literature lovers dream.

    Following you for sure - this is a spring project I am all over.

    Thank you!

  6. This would be great for a playroom. Love all the possibilities. I am a new follower from My Backyard Eden. Vicky from Mess For Less

  7. Home made decorations are so more satisfying than buying things. If you don't want wooden pieces you could always try using wall tiles. Imagine a tiled bathroom with words such as 'Splash' and 'Wash' in Scrabble letters on the wall :-)

  8. What technique did you use to transfer the letter and number to the wood tile? Fantastic! Thanks--cyndi