Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A vinyl welcome to a new family addition!

My newest niece, Elly Brynn, was born last week! It took her parents a while to decide on a name for her, and I immediately set to work on a lightning-strike idea for a onesie with a monogram on it! 

My sister-in-law is so classy and beautiful, and I know she wants her first baby girl to dress that way, too.  These were created with Sarah and Baby Elly in mind!

(All onesies shown are available in my Etsy store here!)

The monogram
(Not just for car windows anymore)

The Photographer
(Camera onesie... perfect)

The Bow
(A onesie baby can wear to church!)

I absolutely LOVE these onesies. I especially love that they have personality! My SIL was pretty excited for them, too, which is what really matters! 

Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl, Sarah! 

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  1. Thanks Susannah for the adorable onesies! I love them and it's so cool you can just throw them in the wash like normal clothes!