Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Newest item- Vinyl telephone!

I absolutely love the look of this old-fashioned phone silhouette! It is the perfect size for our guest room nightstand, and adds such an interesting, classy touch. 

It was as easy as finding an image I like, and applying it to the right spot on the wall! Couldn't be easier, or more satisfying. 

 This is what I love about using vinyl... It is just so easy, so transformative...

So fun!

If you're interested in adding this vinyl telephone to your house but don't have your own cutter, order it here!


  1. I love it! Where did you get the pattern? Is it Cricut or Silhouette? I have a Silhouette.

  2. Hi Tru!

    Thanks for your interest! I actually use an industrial-size US Cutter, not a Cricut or Silhouette. My cutter has software that lets me import and edit an image before cutting it, so I found a public (very important) image of a telephone, imported it, and edited it as a silhouette to look the way I wanted. I hope that helps! I'm always happy to answer questions about vinyl :)