Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nativity Block

After the vinyl snowflakes, vinyl cookie advent calender and the vinyl Christmas tree you may have guessed that I like to use vinyl to put a new twist on old favorites.  Well, here's another one: 

Christmas Nativity Block

What can I say? We are newlyweds who don't have an "official" nativity yet! It's called improvising, people! 

  • Glass Block ($5 @ Lowes)
    • I have had trouble finding these glass blocks. They are beautiful and wonderful for decorating and crafting, but not widely used for construction any more.  Only 1 of 4 hardware stores in my area carried them, so take the time to call ahead if you plan on getting some! They can be bought individually or in boxes of 8
  • 2" wire-edged ribbon ($5 for 90 ft. @ Hobby Lobby)
  • Nativity vinyl 
    • I have started selling this nativity vinyl decal in my Etsy store
  • Scissors

1. Apply vinyl to desired location on glass block

2. Using the scissors, cut the length of ribbon you desire
3. Attach the ribbon around the edge of the glass block

And you're done!

These blocks are very stable, so they can be placed on their own to decorate a small space, or could even be used as a creative, decorative doorstop or paperweight!


  1. You can order Deco Blocks at Home Depot in packs of 4. The major downside is they are $40 per pack. But, they have a hole in them so you can put things inside such as lights, flowers, etc.

  2. Hobby Lobby has them too. I can't remember how much they are though. They also have a little hole with a plastic plug so you can add a string of lights or a LED candle.

  3. Yes, the blocks at Hobby Lobby are $10 and a strange shape (in my opinion), but the hole is handy. I improvised by having my husband use some water and his dremel to cut a rough hole in my block for me! It's in the bottom and covered by ribbon, so no one can see the job anyway :)

    Thanks for the comments!