Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Redecorate and Personalize a Shadow Box!

I went through Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for inspiration, and found a project I got so excited about!

This redecorated shadow box looks beautiful, is personalizable, and inexpensive!

I chose this quote by H.L. Mencken because, as a newlywed in our first house, I love decorating with things that remind us of our love and how blessed we are.  This quote really spoke to me, in particular, because my husband and I really value intelligence and sometimes forget that love should be playful, fun, and unexplainable.

 I bought a shadow box with my 40% off coupon, bought fake flowers to insert for 50% off, used leftover paint, blank copy paper, and whipped up a great quote in vinyl! I am all for beautiful things that don't cost an arm and leg, and only take 30 mins! 


  • Shadow Box
  • Fake flowers (or something else to fill the shadow box)
  • Pain and paint supplies (optional)
  • Paper or photo to cover back of shadow box
  • Vinyl quote or image to decorate front glass

  1. Add your vinyl quote or image

       2.  Paint the edges of shadow box
       3.  Add inside decoration
       4.  Re-attach back of box with paper, photo, et . 
       5. Enjoy!

This shadow box can be hung on a wall, and I thought would also be perfect as a decoration in a baby room. Put the baby's name and birthday on the front glass, a beautiful picture against the back, and paint it in the baby room's colors! 

Remember: The world is yours to personalize. Empower your inner decorator!


  1. OH this looks so pretty! I wish I could make one myself.

    Just Better Together

  2. I love this!!! Very cute idea!!! I found you through Today's Creative Blog, and am now following :)