Thursday, November 11, 2010

Initial Letter Necklace!!

After seeing the necklace Heidi Klum wears of the first initial of her children, I have wanted one! I don't have children, but someday.... I will. And I will also  have one of those necklaces! 

Until then, though, I found a great way to make my own with mine and my husband's initials.

(I happen to believe that the best things about crafting are finding something you love and re-making it yourself  with a personal flare for less money. Come on... who doesn't like that?)

I was blog scavenging the other day and found this amazing post on how to make a Book Page Necklace. I immediately added the tutorial to my "To Craft" list, because it is AWESOME! I'm tweaking it a little bit, though, to make it more "me", by adding the initials from the Heidi necklace.


  • A book page
  • Necklace chain
  • Jump rings
  • Flat metal pendants
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Tacky Glue

1. Trace each flat pendant on the book page TWICE

2. Cut out each shape

3. Glue the cut-outs to each side of the metal pendants


4. Cut out vinyl letters for each initial and apply to each pendant 

(Yes our initials are "B" and "S"... but we laugh about it!)

5. Cover each finished side with another layer of tacky glue to cement it together
6. Add the pendants to your necklace chain

I decided to add a vinyl heart cut in half on each of my initial pendants since they represent my husband and I. I love that this necklace is cool, home-made, and personalized on EACH SIDE of the pendants! I love it. I love it. I.L.O.V.E.I.T. 

What do you think? 


  1. Love it! It would look even awesomer with some diamond glaze or other glassy finish on top. Where did you get the blank pendants? I would love to make something like this.

  2. Definitely try your hand at a dimensional glaze with that- but what a cool concept! And welcome to blogging. I've enjoyed going through all of your posts. I think you're onto something!

  3. Thanks everyone! I love this necklace, too, and was interested in a glossy, dimensional glaze but have never used that before and couldn't find one. What would you suggest?

  4. Love them! I have used something called Diamond Glaze that I found at a bead store. It works great! I couldn't find it at a craft store when I looked a few years ago, but they may carry it now.

  5. I especially love the heart on the back. Very sweet!

  6. I haven't been able to find diamond glaze at Michael's, but they have Aleene's Paper Glaze, which I think does the same thing. I recently got some for a project but haven't tried it out yet.

  7. Modge Podge makes something now called dimensional magic... I've used it and it works great:-)